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Online Consultation

Online Consultation

When you are in needs of professional advice or consultation but you are staying far from our clinic you can talk to our doctor and get individual answers to your questions easily via your computer, smartphone or tablet, through various web applications by video chat or call conversation.

For more details please contact us: +85598800921 (WhatsApp) or drop e-mail: info@wbcanna.com.

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Product ID Description Fee Currency Checkout
Follow up online consultation (Service 1)

1 session of up to 20 min follow up online consultation, phone or video call.

25 USD
Online wellness consultation (Service 2)

Online wellness consultation, up to 60 min phone or video call.

45 USD
Breastfeeding counselling (Service 3)

Breastfeeding counselling: 1 session of up to 30 min Video Online Consultation.

25 USD
Childbirth Classes online (Service 4)

Childbirth Classes Online, 8 sessions, 60 minutes each Video Online Consultation.

210 USD