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3 Reasons Why Nanny Need Health Check Ups

3 Reasons Why Nanny Need Health Check Ups

Despite of the fact that your baby is healthy and you’re perfectly taking care of his hygiene, but, still, your baby gets sick after every week.

Do you figure out the reason behind it? Not only, the baby’s health and hygiene are important for keeping your child healthy, in fact, your hygiene and the nanny’s hygiene leave an impact on the baby’s health status.

Though, you’re keeping yourself clean and going for regular check ups, but do you ever asked to your nanny about her health concerns? As the baby’s immune system is not strong enough, any less potent disease (which you think) can become the threat to your child’s health. You would be thinking that why nanny need the regular health checkups? So, let’s discover the science-baked-reasons below:

1.Early diagnosis, early treatment Most of the signs and symptoms go dismissed in our normal routine, but, it could be the ‘alarm bells’ from the body, indicating that something is going wrong. If the nanny is experiencing the chest pain or even the left arm pain, it can be due to decreased cardiac function. As you’re truly health conscious of your hired nanny, you should encourage her to participate in the regular checkups plans to get the treatment before the disease progresses.

2.To ensure that she is absolutely fit In order to get the self-satisfied, you would get medically screened at least once in a six months. Undoubtedly, you’re caring for your baby, for yourself; so, why not the nanny should also get the general examination at least once in a six months or one year? Moreover, if you are hiring a new staff. Checking the blood pressure, pulse rate, visual acuity, E.N.T, weight and height measurements can provide the awareness of their degree of health and fitness levels. Consider this, if the nanny is fit and fine, she’ll perform all her tasks more efficiently than your expectation.

3.To make the contact of the baby with nanny disease-free When anyone starts sneezing just right behind you, you would try to stay away from the person as much as you can. But, unfortunately, you get affected from the infection after some time. Similarly, if the nanny is sick, later or sooner, your child will ultimately get affected by the disease. In fact, some infections are so powerful, that they can pass to another person without even showing the symptoms to the host (like a nanny). So, getting the blood tests done, going through with the stool examination and recently screened for the serious medical problems are all the golden rules that will keep the contact of the baby with the nanny disease-free. Hence, if you want your child to be healthy, take care of her nanny’s health as well as yours too!

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